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Agincourt Myth & Reality 1415-2015

By Stephen Cooper

The Battle of Agincourt was fought almost 600 years ago, on 25 October 1415, when Henry V utterly defeated the main French field army, in Picardy. My book AGINCOURT, MYTH & REALITY, 1415-2015 was published by Pen & Sword in April 2014; and is now available in hardback and on Kindle.

The Real Falstaff

By Stephen Cooper

This book tells the story of Sir John Fastolf (1380-1459), a prototype for Shakespeare's Falstaff. Fastolf fought for over 25 years in France during the Hundred Years War; but is perhaps better known as the lord of Castle Combe in Wiltshire and the builder of Caister Castle in Norfolk. The book is published by 'Pen & Sword' and is available on Amazon.

Sir John Hawkwood

By Stephen Cooper

This book tells the story of Sir John Hawkwood, the Essex knight who made his fortune as a condottiere in Italy. He served the Pope, Pisa, Milan and Florence, before dying in the last of these in 1394. The book is again published by Pen & Sword. Click here to read more about Hawkwood.